Who are we?
Human Rights Protection Group (formerly Middle Finger Protests, credited for its efforts in the movie "No One Killed Jessica") has been involved in human rights activities in India since 2006. Apart from its several activities and initiatives, it has played an important role in some of the major cases in India, including the famous Jessica Lal murder case. This group is just not another human rights organisation, its a force, a force thats full of positive energy & dedication towards human rights protection.
Are we affiliated to National Human Rights Commission?
No one is
There is no provision for affiliation/membership/registration for human rights organisations and individuals as far as NHRC is concerned. On the other hand, Human Rights Protection Group encourages individuals and organisations to register as an affiliate and/or member of the group and work towards protection of human rights in India. We are in the process of networking with other reputed and like minded human rights organisations in India & other countries.
This website is under construction and will be up and running by: May 30, 2015.